Wonderful Plants – An Introduction to Jan Scholten's Plant Theory

with Jonathan Stallick 




Wonderful Plants

An Introduction to Jan Scholten's Plant Theory


Jan Scholten’s theory of the minerals and elements allowed both new insights into remedies in current usage and the ability to predict the profile and themes of any element or salt, even those that have never been used or contemplated before.


The result of this has been to allow much greater precision in prescribing and a much greater depth of cure.


Now, in his new system of Plant Theory, each family and plant species are classified using the periodic table as its basis. There are many plant remedies in the Materia Medica, but most have very small pictures or just a few keynotes.


In this FREE webinar -“Wonderful Plants, -an introduction to Plant Theory” - International lecturer and experienced Homeopath Jonathan Stallick will introduce Scholten’s Plant theory and how he has found using this system is like opening an Aladdin’s cave of treasures.


It allows us to treat ‘difficult’ patients where the case seemed complex and the correct remedy elusive. He will show that this system brings out the fuller personality of each plant remedy and it enables us, as with the periodic table, to predict the themes and uses of virtually any plant in existence.


This is not empty ‘head stuff’! There are now many homeopaths using this way of prescribing and it is backed up by thousands of cured cases. And the great thing is you can use it alongside other methodologies.



Jan Scholten's Plant Theory


In This Free Webinar You Will Learn:  


Introduction to the Plant Kingdom

Series and Stages of development

How to understand well known remedies in a deeper way

To help ‘difficult’ cases that haven’t responded to other remedies.

Make case taking more fun!

How to fine tune our intuitive and clinical skills.

Many clinical case examples



About Your Lecturer

Jonathan Stallick is a qualified and registered professional homeopath with over 30 years experience and has lectured on homeopathy all over the world.

His book – AIDS: The Homeopathic Challenge was published in 1996.



Wonderful Plants – An Introduction to Jan Scholten's Plant Theory

with Jonathan Stallick 






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