Expertly Navigating Homeopathy: 
Remedy and Case Mapping


with Mike Bridger

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remedy and case mapping online course

Expertly Navigating Homeopathy:

Remedy and Case Mapping


The ability to handle clients’ cases with confidence and clarity is a key trait of any expert homeopathic practitioner. Understanding the relationship between remedies and their clinical application, recognising pathology and tissue change, interpreting a case’s energy and the path it might take next - these are all markers of an experienced, assured homeopath.

Mike Bridger returns to build on the insight he shared in his recent webinar, offering an in-depth deep dive into the world of case and remedy mapping. His new course - Expertly Navigating Homeopathy: Remedy and Case Mapping - is a five-part masterclass series, which analyses the origins of remedy relationships, utilising historic and personal anecdotes to bring the philosophy to life.

He’ll use his 35 years of experience and research to take you on an educational journey, sharing his simple yet effective methodology and approach to remedy and case mapping. He’ll offer advice and tips on clinical practice followed by the in-detail mapping of an intricate, decade-long case to illustrate the process being taught.

Mike himself says: “It’s like being given a road map of remedies. The destination is always health and recovery but there are different ways we can get there. Being given an understanding of how the various routes interlink is like having a mystery solved. It’s life changing!”

This masterclass course is designed for professional homeopaths looking to hone their craft, revolutionise their practice and take the next steps towards expertly navigating their cases.

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Mike has been a practising homeopath in the UK for thirty-five years and teaching for almost as long as that. He is a core lecturer at CHE as well as teaching  internationally in Ireland, Iceland, Finland and the US. He is the Principal of The Contemporary College of Homeopathy in Bristol and co–director of the Orion Postgraduate Training Course.


His publications include: ‘Up the Swannee to Atlantis’ for The Homeopath; ‘Fool’s Gold’ Article for ‘The American Homeopathic Journal’, 2000 USA (Reprinted in Homeopathic Medical Association Journal, 2000, UK); ‘Kali Carb’ for The Homeopath UK.

homeopath and course lecturer Mike Bridger

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