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with Hilery Dorrian

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The Endocrine System, Hormones & Homeopathy


When it comes to important life events, having a baby is one of the biggest challenges you or your clients might ever face. Homeopathy can help to promote healing throughout the journey,  from keeping mother and baby healthy through pregnancy and the early years to preparing for the big day itself.

In this course, Hilery uses her expertise to walk you through the underlying philosophy and practice of homeopathy and its application in pregnancy, childbirth and caring for newborns and young children. She lectures on facilitating a natural birth and safe, effective remedies to treat common issues that affect children in their first few months and years of life.

Hilery will share a wealth of knowledge about morning sickness, contractions, labour pain, teething in babies, toilet training with young children and much more.

This course is designed for anyone who wants to build on their existing homeopathy education or practitioner experience. Part one contains 5 video episodes and part two includes 4 video episodes, which when combined provide 8 and a half hours of video lectures.

This Course Includes:


Part 1: Pregnancy and Birth

This section of the course focuses on prenatal care and homeopathy application during childbirth. You will learn about:

The use of over the counter medications and prescription drugs
Morning sickness
Presentation of baby
What to do when a baby is overdue
Poor contractions in labour
Failure to dilate
Labour pains

Part 2: Newborns & Young Children

This section of the course focuses on homeopathy and how it can be used for newborn babies and small children. You will learn about:

Ear infections
Infections of the umbilical cord (Omphalitis)
Toilet training

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About your lecturer Hilery Dorrian


Learn From a Leading Homeopathy Expert


This course is delivered by internationally acclaimed homeopath Hilery Dorrian. Hilery has been a qualified homeopath for over 30 years. She is a senior lecturer at CHE (The Centre for Homeopathic Education) and many other homeopathic colleges, both in the UK and abroad.

Hilery first qualified as an acupuncturist in 1981 before going on to study Homeopathy. After graduating in 1988 Hilery continued her studies in India and now runs a busy practice, seeing upwards of 50 patients a week.


Homeopath and lecturer Hilery Dorrain

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