Nutrition for Homeopaths


with Naomi Devlin

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Nutrition for Homeopaths

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Discover how to transform your health and the health of your clients in this nine-part Masterclass series: Nutrition for Homeopaths with Naomi Devlin. 

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Nutrition affects nearly every aspect of our daily health and wellbeing making it a vital field for homeopaths to keep up-to-date and informed about.

However, the field of nutrition is often rife with contradictory and confusing claims, myths and beliefs.

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In this Masterclass, Naomi uses her wealth of knowledge to cut through the noisy world of nutrition and explain in depth how to use an individualised approach to nutrition, using foods not supplements, to improve your own health and wellbeing, as well as that of your clients.

This Course Includes:


Food is medicine


A brief look at why Naomi works with food and not supplements and how this relates to Hahnemann’s instructions in aphorism 3 to remove obstacles to cure.


Taking a food case


Taking the case of someone’s diet should be as holistic as the rest of your case taking. In aphorism 4 Hahnemann instructs the physician to look at all aspects of a patient - from lifestyle and character, to what they eat and where they live. We’ll look at how you can draw out underlying emotional issues through talking about food and how to take a complete case.


Fats: The good, the bad, and the ugly


Some much-needed myth-busting around fats. With so much misinformation about fat in our diet from the media and food manufacturers, it can be hard to educate our patients to eat fat in its most nourishing forms. We’ll look at the three types of fats and what they do in the body, how to identify stable fats, sources of anti-inflammatory fats, how to cook with them and what to avoid.


Gut health


Crucial to good health, the gut is the soil of the body, the home of 70% of the immune system, and a vital interface between our cells and the outside world. We’ll cover how the gut works, the gut microbiome, the estrobolome and discuss some of the common issues that come up in practice relating to gut function and immunity. We’ll look at FODMAPs, prebiotics, probiotics, postbiotics, and psychobiotics.




From fats to polyphenols, food is a great source of anti-inflammatories that can help to soothe a jumpy immune system and normalise cell turnover. We’ll look briefly at major causes of inflammation not already covered in Fats and Gut health, before discussing some simple advice that can help patients include more anti-inflammatory foods in their diets.


Raised Histamine


A common issue for atopic types. Understanding short-term support measures that can reduce histamine levels in the gut can enable patients to take control of their own symptoms and takes the pressure off finding the perfect remedy right away.


Alternative diets


From ethical choices about what we eat to dietary restrictions because we can’t digest certain foods, it’s important to understand and respect the choices of our clients. However, choosing an alternative diet can sometimes lead to deficiencies or fail to help manage symptoms and it helps to know how to signpost people to the best version of their chosen diet or recommend something that will help.


Blood sugar, sweetness, and alternatives


Modern life is awash with sugar in so many forms so we will look at how to identify if someone is upsetting their blood sugar balance, symptoms, sources, and alternatives. A little myth-busting about sugar alternatives too.




A few recommendations for books, sites, and strategies to help patients take ownership of their own health by cooking more, understanding more, and engaging with self-help measures.

This course is accredited by ACHENA

ACHENA is The Accreditation Commission for Homeopathic Education in North America.

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Naomi Devlin is a food writer, nutritionist and homeopath based in beautiful West
Dorset. She teaches nutrition, cookery and fermentation around the country to home cooks, chefs and homeopaths.

Born in Ireland, Naomi spent her formative years in a commune in rural Dorset - home educated, milking cows, growing veg, cooking and eating with the seasons. Through necessity, she discovered how to learn what she needed to know by seeking out people and resources, following the knowledge and becoming a sponge for the things that mattered to her. It was an unconventional upbringing that taught her to keep asking questions and look
in unexpected places for the answers.

After training as a costume designer and a few dissolute years working in film and then fashion, she retrained as a homeopath, returning to the medicine and values she had known as a child. In practice and through further study with the Weston Price Foundation and many other inspirational teachers, her focus became more and more about food - as a source of both healing and joy and a means to empower her clients to help themselves through the preventative medicine of eating well.

She celebrates seasonal produce, fermented food and satisfying, colourful meals, that feel comfortingly familiar, yet intriguingly different.

going on to study Homeopathy. After graduating in 1988 Hilery continued her studies in India and now runs a busy practice, seeing upwards of 50 patients a week.

Naomi Devlin homeopath and nutritionist

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