Male Health Issues

with Dr Ralf Jeutter

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Male Health Issues with Dr Ralf Jeutter Online Homeopathy Masterclass

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Male Health Issues

The wonderful Dr Ralf Jeutter presents 'Male Health Issues' with CHE Online.

In this masterclass, Dr Ralf Jeutter is looking at the particular pressures men are under on a psychological and societal level and how they are dealing or not dealing with these issues. He will evaluate ways of treating men in homeopathic practice covering strategies that work and ones to avoid. 

Ralf will also be discussing medical matters specific to men, e.g. sexual issues and organs (prostate, testicles, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation) and mental health problems men are particularly prone to, including depression, suicide and addiction. He'll then look at the appropriate remedies for these.

This is a comprehensive and illuminating masterclass that will enhance your practice, deepen your knowledge and ground your confidence when working with male patients. 

Male Health Issues 

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Learn From a Leading Homeopathy Expert

Dr Ralf Jeutter trained at the North-West College of Homeopathy, qualifying in 2000 and continued his medical and homeopathic training at the Institute of Clinical Research in Bombay and Pune, India. He is an international lecturer and Head of Philosophy at CHE, practices and teaches homeopathy and is qualified in Podiatric Medicine.

Ralf Jeutter homeopath and CHE course lecturer

Male Health Issues 

Access Now £29 (GBP)
Access Now $39 (USD)