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Managing Menopause Naturally

with Caroline Gaskin



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Managing Menopause Naturally

There are over 34 symptoms now associated with menopause from aches & pains & anxieties to vaginal dryness.

As a homeopath & holistic health coach I’ve seen huge change in the last 20 years - we’ve gone from a time in a woman’s life that barely got press, to a topic of hourly Instagram posts, prime time TV focus & interviews at a Government policy level.

Partly this is due to some great movers and shakers who are working hard to raise awareness and create support for women suffering adverse symptoms but it’s also due to our, now, massively compromised endocrine (hormonal) systems shouting out for solutions.

And why might this be?

In this 3-part series, you can expect to unravel some of those mysteries, understand the problem and garner some useful tools.

The aim is to focus on affordable and easy-to-access solutions. We are practitioners but, these days, nothing if not also educators.

Each week in practice I hear new symptoms associated with menopause, way beyond what I was taught 20 years ago – most recently Burning Mouth Syndrome. Symptoms like this can cause unprecedented and continual stress.

If we, in the West, talk to Nomadic tribeswomen about menopause they laugh. They do not experience the myriad of issues that we do.

What have we done differently?

The state we are in now is a fast-changing one. How did we get to where we are now?

Women are likely to have to make some changes. This is not called “The Change” for nothing.

These sessions will help you identify the many symptoms of menopause, both the obvious ones and the less acknowledged one, and provide a tool kit for survival.

This course is accredited by ACHENA

ACHENA is The Accreditation Commission for Homeopathic Education in North America.

This Course Includes:

Module 1 - Early Signs

The signs for this stage are showing up in ever younger women. This session is about what to look about for, how to prescribe and what to offer as adjunctive advice.

This module covers:

  • Peri-menopause
  • Recognising the signs
  • Relevant symptoms in the
  • Hormonal Timeline
  • Understanding which organs to support and why
  • Homeopathic remedies
  • Diet and lifestyle advice
  • Prognosis & expectations in case management


Module 2 - The Change

Do you know what true menopause is? What symptoms are associated with it? How can we help?

This module covers:

  • True menopause
  • Recognising the signs
  • Homeopathic remedies
  • Diet and lifestyle advice
  • Signposting
  • Setbacks and blocks to cure


Module 3 - Older & Wiser

This module covers:

  • Postmenopause
  • Assessing where support is needed
  • Homeopathic remedies
  • Diet and lifestyle advice
  • The influence of our inheritance
  • Legacy


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About Caroline Gaskin

Caroline has worked as a Natural Health Practitioner & Homeopath with people from all walks of life for over 20 years.

“I’m into empowering my clients to understand their body's responses to the world around them and to grow through the healing journey”.

She originally studied Fine Art Textiles at Goldsmiths & ran her own print studio until she had children in the early ’90s. 

As her children grew, she re-connected with her spiritual path of observing nature & natural health and studied at the College of Practical Homeopathy, the Hahnemann Academy, North America & the Eden Permaculture Project.

She added Flower Essence prescribing and Alchemy Energetics to her skills & uses the permaculture principles to create sustainable systems for clients & small businesses.

She has supervised and lectured extensively in natural health and is a leader in her field,  focusing on menopause and hormonal changes.


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