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Homeopathy Case Taking, Case Analysis & Case Management

with Robin Murphy


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The Hidden Benefits and Simplicity of Classical Homeopathy

Homeopathy Case Taking, Case Analysis & Case Management

Here at CHE, we are fortunate enough to work with many world-renowned homeopaths, experts, and thought leaders in the world of health, vitality, and wellbeing.

Dr Robin Murphy is one of the leading figures in Homeopathy and needs no introduction.

For the past 40 years, Dr Murphy has spent his whole career researching, publishing, and sharing his knowledge with professional homeopaths across the world. As someone at the forefront of homeopathic medicine, over the years he’s seen huge changes in the practice of homeopathy, some good, some bad.

He states that today currently we homeopaths are exposed to too many new techniques, methods, and systems and this is making homeopathy much more complicated and worryingly less effective.

“ The future of homeopathy needs to be more practical and clinical, with less fluff. In my opinion, we’re seeing new methodologies that are systemising homeopathy in a way that will be the biggest hindrance to understanding homeopathic case taking and case analysis ”

We are extremely proud and excited to invite you to Dr Murphy’s new webinar series in which he will show you how to work with the classical methods of case taking, case analysis, and case management. Dr Murphy is keen to personally show you how he uses the homeopathic repertory as a case analysis tool for finding the curative remedy.

As many of you know, our mission here at CHE is to increase the level of health, vitality, and wellbeing for everyone globally. We do this by sharing, educating, and showcasing the best, most up-to-date homeopathic knowledge, expertise, and research available to homeopaths today.

We welcome all those who are looking to improve their homeopathic understanding by learning from the very best experts.

This webinar is to help you simplify your homeopathic case taking, analysis and management and to showcase how classical homeopathy is the bedrock of all modern-day methods.

Hear in his own words Dr Murphy’s take on the new methods of homeopathy and the webinar series he’s created by watching the recent interview between CHE and Dr Murphy himself.

See full details below.

This Course Includes:

Module 1 - Case Taking:

  • Hahnemann's case-taking philosophy and methods.
  • Perceiving the vital force and through the homeopathic interview
  • The human constitution, vital force, layers, timelines, etiologies, diseases, and symptomology will be explored.
  • Common mistakes in homeopathic case taking
  • Using the Repertory as a tool for homeopathic case taking
  • History of Repertories and their use in homeopathic practice
  • A review of the Repertory sections, chapters, rubrics, and indexes
  • The language of the Repertory
  • Locating clinical rubrics based on symptom descriptions, in the repertory


Module 2 - Case Analysis

  • Using the Repertory as a tool for homeopathic case analysis
  • Common mistakes in homeopathic case analysis
  • Repertorising methods and techniques without a computer
  • Rubric Groups and Symptom Analysis
  • Sample rubrics, primary rubrics, and secondary rubrics types
  • Repertorising a set of rubrics manually using repertorisation forms
  • Sample case histories


Module 3 - Case Management

  • Homeopathic case management
  • Repertory and Materia Medica study
  • Common mistakes in homeopathic case management
  • Potency selection and repeating the dose
  • Evaluating the acute and chronic methods of prescribing
  • Using the Repertory as a tool for learning Materia Medica and therapeutics
  • Differentiation between related rubrics. Sample case histories


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About Robin Murphy

Dr Robin Murphy ND is a naturopathic and homeopathic physician who has been teaching and practicing Homeopathy, Natural Medicine, Tai Chi, and Qigong for over 30 years. Dr Murphy is an internationally recognized author, researcher, and lecturer on Homeopathy, Herbs, and Medical Qigong. He wrote the Homeopathic Clinical Repertory and Nature’s Materia Medica. He is the director of the Lotus Health Institute in Blacksburg, Virginia.


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