Homeopathy Masterclass


5G Electromagnetic Radiation Toxicity

with Dr Robin Murphy, ND 


5G Electromagnetic Radiation Toxicity

with Dr Robin Murphy , ND



5G Electromagnetic Radiation Toxicity


5G - the latest generation of mobile and wireless communication.

Faster speeds, advanced performance and higher exposure to microwave radiation.

Unlike previous cellular technologies, 5G network signals are transmitted over millimetre waves, which are limited in range through urban areas. Networks using these frequencies require more transmitters than previous technologies, as close as every 300 meters.

Despite concerns raised by scientists regarding the potential health risks associated to 5G networks, this technology is already being rolled out around the world and shows few, if any, signs of being held back. 

The inevitability of growing 5G networks, leads to increasing concern over the potential health dangers 5G poses.

This course addresses those concerns and highlights the treatment and prevention methods available.

Part One

  1. How to protect yourself, family and pets from 5G microwave and EMF radiation.
  2. How to decrease exposure to EMF radiation in your home and among family and pets. 
  3. Nutritional supplements and antioxidants for EMF hypersensitivity and toxicity.
  4. Herbal tonics and superfoods for EMF radiation toxicity and hypersensitivity.

Part Two

  1. MetaRepertory rubrics and homeopathic remedies for treating EMF hypersensitivity. 
  2. Natural remedies and naturopathic therapies for treating EMF radiation toxicity. 
  3. Medical Qigong for EMF radiation toxicity and hypersensitivity.
  4. Review of solutions for electromagnetic field radiation toxicity and hypersensitivity.


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5G Electromagnetic Radiation Toxicity

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About Dr Robin Murphy, ND

Dr Robin Murphy ND is a naturopathic and homeopathic physician who has been teaching and practicing homeopathy, natural medicine, Tai Chi and Qigong for over 30 years.

Dr Murphy is an internationally recognized author, researcher and lecturer on homeopathy, herbs and medical Qigong.

He wrote the Homeopathic Clinical Repertory and Nature’s Materia Medica.

He is the Director of the Lotus Health Institute in Blacksburg, Virginia.



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